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Using the overhead squat to increase mobility

The overhead squat is probably one of the most exasperating training movements anyone will ever encounter. And for a good reason: it’s almost impossible to do correctly without proper form. And proper form, balance, and mobility doesn’t come easy. If you’ve ever tried to do overhead squats and you failed, you’re probably lacking in one of these areas: balance, mobility, flexibility, coordination, or strength.

A core exercise that can help everyone

If you’re a professional powerlifter, you already know that you need a lot of stability and strength for your power snatches. One way to increase these aspects is to perfect your overhead squat. But you don’t need to be a pro. You don’t even need to be a powerlifter to get the full benefits of the exercise.

You can be a professional or a beginner in any sports that require powerful and sudden body movements. These include sports involving sprinting, throwing, jumping, and so on. Or you could just try to improve your core and mobility as a whole. It doesn’t matter, you need to do your overhead squats correctly.

Overhead Squat Technique

overhead squat technique

First thing’s first. You need to understand your position. Your knees should be slightly facing outwards, not forward. You have to tightly squeeze your glutes and quads. Make sure you understand the position before picking up the barbell.

Secondly, always use a barbell. When you first try it, use the lightest barbell you can find. It doesn’t matter if it’s 15 kgs or 50 kgs, the important thing is to perform a correct exercise. You want to lift the barbell above your head, with your arms and hands stretched and locked. When you lift the barbell, make sure your palms are facing the ceiling. Barbell positioning is key in this exercise. Be sure to hold it tightly, slightly behind the back of your head.

And finally, on your first try, do a few test repetitions. See how far you can go down, see how long you can hold it down and see how many reps you can do without hurting yourself. That’ll be your initial benchmark. Improving your general mobility with overhead squats means you’ll have to progressively lift heavier weights, do more reps, and hold squats for longer periods of time.

mobility, stability, and strength

Don’t force your muscles, as the overhead grip can very easily cause rotator cuff injuries if you’re not locking your arms and joints into place. Remember these key points during your exercise and you’ll be fine. A few days a week of this particular exercise and you should see improvements in mobility, stability, and strength in no time.

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